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About Justina

A young laureate of numerous international competitions, Justina la Cour is currently integrated in the Advanced Postgraduate Soloist Program at the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen. Justina has studied under the dutch superstar violinist Janine Jansen at the HEMU Valais (Switzerland) and under professor Tatiana Samouil at the Royal Academy of Music in Brussels. Justina’s other important mentors and teachers include french soloist Virginie Robilliard, Tomo Keller, Vincent Hepp, Eszter Haffner and Alexandre Zapolski. Justina is quickly building her musical reputation as a promising artist, constantly searching for innovative performance ideas. Apart from focusing on the traditional violin repertoire, Justina occasionally emerges herself in discovering and embracing contemporary music. Justina currently plays on a precious Italian violin by Carlo Bergonzi (Cremona 1730)

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Danish Month: Justina plays works by Langgaard, Nielsen, Abrahamsen and Schow


Justina is among the 3 finalists of the DKDM Soloist Competition


Justina is discovering new recording possibilities with a visual projection 🌎


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